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My expertise ranges from UX writing and content strategy to leading workshops and qualitative research studies. I have worked for non-profits, government institutions, tech giants, and digital design agencies. I currently serve at Meta as a content designer on the Facebook app. 

UX Writing

I develop clear and useful text in product interfaces to help users reach their goals, whether that is  tapping a button or completing a form. This includes every type of content from notifications, user onboarding flows, error messaging and tooltips. These experiences are all based on user needs and user research. 

Strategy & Vision

I consider systems, scaling, and quality in ways that inspire long-term engagement. This involves creating plans and goals with milestones that show progress. I play a key role in representing content design at vision sprints and ensure that content design goals and learnings are included in roadmaps and learnings documentation. I led principles workshops and developed style guides and guidelines to shape and ensure consistent product experiences. 


I build collaborative and productive working relationships with cross-functional peers in product design, research, engineering, product management and other disciplines.

Information Architecture

I’ve conducted content audits and developed user flows, taxonomies, content models and IA to optimize how content is structured, organized and labeled.

User Research

I spent five years as a lead UX researcher at a healthcare company. This included developing and conducting qualitative and quantitative studies, synthesizing findings, and presenting the findings and recommendations to key stakeholders. As a content designer, I partner closely with user research on all of my projects. 


I have a deep passion for inclusivity and write in a way that ensures that the content I write is clear and understandable whether or not the user has a disability or uses the product in another language. I train and partner with designers and engineers to ensure that accessibility checks are met and have conducted accessibility audits. 


I have served as a mentor for aspiring UX designers and content designers at Springboard and Meta. These mentorships involved everything from understanding design thinking, writing string descriptions, imposter syndrome, and how to create productive and meaningful partnerships with engineers. 

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