Movements is a platform for crowdsourcing human rights. Activists in closed societies can access a digital marketplace from their mobile devices - easily connecting them with individuals around the world willing to offer their skills. I was lucky enough to have had the chance to work with their team as the UX lead for the redesign of their desktop and mobile sites.

The Problem

Activists on the ground, who use their mobile devices as their primary source to access to the internet, want to quickly and safely be able to connect with people offering skills to help. The forms to create requests and offers also needed to be designed in a way that made it easy for users to understand and complete quickly and safely. Users needed to be matched instantly with people offering and needing skills so that action could be taken immediately if needed. The Movements executive leadership team also expressed interest in figuring out a way to create a Movement’s community that was more engaged and loyal to the platform.


Develop a design, working closely with all the relevant stakeholders, that incorporates instant matching for actionable insights for users. We also determined that we needed to design a more streamlined, user-friendly onboarding process for new users as well as a way to keep current users more engaged.


I spent the first few weeks gathering information. We met regularly over skype and email to hash out a project timeline and to create deadlines for deliverables. I gathered existing qualitative and quantitative research, discussed their current strategy and vision for the future, and determined business goals. They provided me with a list of people I could contact for my research. I conducted remote interviews via email and skype with users based all around the world. I also created a survey that was sent out to users that was also posted on the website for a short period.

I created empathy maps and personas based on this research.

I created a sitemap and sketched a series of user flows that I later made digital to discuss with the team at our strategy workshop.

I flew out to New York within the first few weeks of the contract to lead a strategy and sketching workshop with the developers from London and the team based in NYC. We spent this time brainstorming, sketching, designing, iterating. While exhausting, it was a very successful few days. I later took all the sketches in my suitcase and used them as reference while designing and iterating on my wireframes from my home office in Denver.