5 podcasts that help me be a better designer

I tell the students I mentor at Springboard’s UX Workshop to try to incorporate podcasts into their routines. My go-to podcasts are about everything from UX design and women in tech to living a life with intention.

Here are five podcasts I believe will make you a better designer.

Shop Talk

Hosted by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier, Shoptalk is a podcast about front-end web design, development and UX. Their guest list is impressive and their “rapidfire” sessions are informative for old and new designers alike. It is a great podcast for those of you, like myself, that are looking to enrich their HTML, CSS and Javascript skills. They are pretty funny, too, which makes it easy to digest.

Jess Lively

While Jess Lively’s podcast is not a technology podcast, I find her interviews with founders of women-owned companies, like the Glitter Guide & Oh Joy, to be particularly enlightening. The focus of her show is to find ways to live a life with intention. I relate to many of her guests as they are also in the midst of also navigating the technology space, new businesses and families.

UX Intern

I point all my students to the UX Intern podcast hosted by a former UX student Wesley Noble. Wesley was able to interview some of the most prominent designers from the field of UX including Jared Spool, Whitney Hess and Jesse James Garrett. The conversations are pretty informal and they discuss everything from their views on trends in the field to advice they would give those who are entering the field.

Let’s Make Mistakes

Hosted by Mike Montiero founder of Mule Design, Liam Campbell, Steph Monette and Seven Morris, Let’s Make Mistakes is a podcast about design with lots of tangents along the way. Topics include freelancing, working with a variety of stakeholders and nailing a job at a design agency. Mike himself can be a bit harsh but somehow I am still drawn to him (probably because he is such a kick ass designer).


Rocket is a technology podcast hosted by all women including Simone de Rochefort, Christina Warren and Brianna Wu. They discuss everything from virtual reality and Apple to the newest games and comics. They have a wacky chemistry that I find appealing. Every show that I have listened to so far has been entertaining and informative which is exactly what I want.

Now it’s time to find the time in your day to pop on your headphones and get some listening in.

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