Opening party fun...

I came home from the Denver Digital Summit opening party tonight utterly exhausted after a very long day (long story) and ready for bed, but, as soon as I opened the door I hugged my kids and took them for a long leisurely walk at 9pm (come on, it’s summer break!) with our sweet dog. Life is what you make it, right?

And we got to talking….or at least I got to answering all the questions they had for me.

Q. Who was there?

A. Lots of smart folks, the majority were closer to your age ;)

Q. Were they nice?

A. Yup. Really nice.

Q. Why were you nervous to go?

A. Um, I’m shy.

And, there is the whole imposter syndrome thing, especially in the world of tech.

Q. What are you talking about? I want ice-cream…and then the conversation changed.

A. ...

Women grapple with imposter syndrome more than men, especially in the world of tech. In my case, it is not an exception. I am also an introvert at heart, so the nerves also stem from that. Most people wouldn’t describe me as an introvert, actually, because I am very friendly with people I know. That I know. But, put me in a room full of people I don't know and the situation becomes very different.

This is not a great thing when in a new city, in a somewhat new field, trying to make my way.

With all my work in DC working on Capitol Hill, I realized pretty quickly that a smile and a hello says a lot. It is really that simple. And, regardless of the fact that half the people I meet are younger than me at tech events, I connect with them because they are smart, innovative and curious (just like me)!

And as a side note – when someone asked how they can stay looking so young (which I apparently do, though I contribute it to my dark skin - not lifestyle! - and the amount of craft beer those who asked consumed tonight!) the answer was easy:

Don’t try messing with all that contour crap those Kardashians exclaim makes you beautiful. It makes you look old. Covering up your true self only ages you. Stay curious and drink lots of water!

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