My unremarkable/remarkable few weeks

I have had some of the most remarkable and unremarkable few days over the past two weeks. I spent them for the most part totally alone, besides the company of my two amazing non-human companions Mazzy Star and Elsa.

I had time to finally focus on me which doesn’t happen very much at all these days. I felt a little indulgent but man I learned a lot including:

Elsa and I taking a selfie. We took a lot out of pure boredom.

1. I actually enjoy being alone. I always surround myself with people because I love the energy I gain from others and always felt a bit weary about hanging out with myself, to be honest. I have to say that if you take those moments of loneliness which happened a lot recently and look at them as opportunities you can learn a lot by embracing just being present and allowing your mind to wander. Those were the moments when my more creative ideas really started to show themselves and take shape.

2. Listening to music in small spaces is incredibly satisfying. In the madness of raising a family, I actually forgot how I spent the majority of my teenage and college years driving to downtown Chicago with my musician buddies to see smaller lesser known bands, like Material Issue and Ride, perform at iconic venues like Cabaret Metro and Riviera. Those were the most soul gratifying moments of my youth.

This past weekend, in another moment where I felt a bit out of sorts, I hopped in an Uber and went to the Hi-Dive in Denver to see some local bands play including South of France and man, they were good. I felt that same feeling of pure joy I did back in the day and loved being surrounded by such creativity, quirkiness and talent. Music has always been so intertwined into who I am that I have to make sure not to allow it take a backseat.

3. Last, I also learned to let my life unwind organically. While UX design is where my heart and skills lie professionally today – so many other cool opportunities have popped up that challenge me in other ways. Rather than trying to constantly direct how my life will unfold, I made a commitment to stay curious and open to what comes ahead.

In case you are curious, my unremarkable days consisted of eating terribly (Raman noodles anyone?) and watching reality TV in the middle of the night.

#music #Denver

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