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I was reluctant to write this post in fear of being cast as a whimsical glittery unicorn loving lady, which I am definitely not, at least most of the time. Truth to be told, though, as I started feeling a slight shift in my life I started seeing rainbows…everywhere.

Back in 2008, while standing on the porch of our dollhouse of a bungalow feeling overwhelmed with two kids under three-years-old and a pile of empty boxes to pack for Africa, I looked outside and saw the most intensely bright double rainbow. It was actually the first double rainbow I had ever seen and I still remember it in detail to this day. For a lack of better words, it took my breath away.

Here is the photograph from our porch back in 2008 (outside Washington D.C.)

A few months later after crossing the Atlantic, we were greeted by another double rainbow in Johannesburg. We let the awe and wonder soak in. The sighting gave me an immediate sense of peace after months of feeling unsettled. In a way it felt like a bridge from one part of my life to another.

A few years after that, while on on a road trip through Mpumalanga on our way to Kruger National Park, we drove through the end of a rainbow. The end of the rainbow was literally on the road. Is that even possible? Where was the pot of gold?

Since moving back to the States last year, I have been greeted by so many rainbows and double rainbows that I can’t keep count. In fact, since July I have seen over 15. Every time I see one, I snap a pic and text it to my buddy saying “OMG, here’s another one!” She agrees my rainbow sightings are a little strange and possibly even magical. I also dream about them – a lot. Sparkly ones, glittery ones, bubbly ones. I swear I am not on magic mushrooms.

A few of my rainbow pics from July 2016-August 2016 Denver and Chicago. Double rainbow over Chicago

I feel like the universe might be trying to tell me something. I thought I would do a little digging about the meaning of rainbows to try to figure it out:


Rainbows are often symbolic of a bridge - a union between the earth and the sky with the rainbow being the bridge between the two. Arches can also be seen as gateways or portals into other worlds or realms.


When talking about rainbows as bridges or arches – we are talking about choice. There is an end, and there is another end on the other side. They can also be seen as symbols of crossing over and transformation.


Since that day in 2008, when I saw my first double rainbow, I have been greeted by many more. Double rainbows are seen as a sign to trust your intuition and that serendipitous magic may be coming. Many believe seeing a double rainbow is an auspicious event and a reason to take time to reflect. This feeling of shifting came on so quickly this past year that I need to welcome this “rainbow-induced” encouragement to slow down and reflect.

There are so many additional meanings to rainbows from Hindus referencing the “Rainbow Body" as those who overcame their bonds to earth and achieved the highest meditative state to Celtics seeing the rainbow as a symbol of new life and divine femininity.

I am going to look at all the showers of rainbows that have crossed my path as symbols to follow one’s heart and purpose.

2015-2016 has been a year of pretty significant change in my life including moving continents and making a pretty big career change. I am starting to embrace the feeling of flux and enjoy this “bridge” to the other side - wherever or whatever it is leading me to.

Here's a funny side note, in college I dressed up as Rainbow Brite (that's her above), the doll otherwise known in Japan as the Magical Girl Rainbow Brite, for Halloween. I looked more like a consignment shop version of her. You can’t see my awesome rainbow stockings in this photo but they were pretty rad.

#rainbows #careerchange

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