About the project

Blocbox was a project I completed during my Bloc designer apprenticeship. Blocbox is a SaaS (Software as a Service) web application that allows people to collect information and store it in a single place. A user can create simple documents, store images and links to websites, and collaborate with friends and colleagues. 


The assignment was to conduct all the user experience research and design, including conducting interviews and creating personas, designing the logo and landing pages, making simple content pages, and writing the front-end code.



My goal was to create a professional, modern and clean design. I also wanted to make the user feel like they could trust the site, learn the benefits of the product easily, and want to sign up for an account.



The first step in designing the Blocbox landing page was to understand the product and its target audience. I researched similar products such as Dropbox and Google Drive. I created a survey and conducted phone interviews to learn more about user behaviors and basic demographics. I analyzed this data to determine if there were any patterns and used the results to create user personas using Adobe Photoshop.


With the research I compiled, I began designing a logo through a bit of mind mapping and sketching and later developed the style guide for Blocbox. I chose a blue color palette to create a sense of trust which is important for a user to feel when signing up for an account with a new company. I also played on the idea of a woodblock stamp for the logo and Montserrat typography for its blocky and classic feel.


I created several iterations of user flows, wireframes and a prototype using paper and pen and Adobe Illustrator.


Finally, I wrote the front-end code. See my GitHub repository here.